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Free Icons for Designers and Developers

Jun 7, 2020

Icons are an integral part of the UI design. It’s very hard to find an app or website without icons. The usage of icons is increasing day by day. Icons help to remove the visual clutter and replacing a bunch of text with a single icon. Below is the list of top icon libraries that are being widely used by Top brands, Designers, Developers, and Freelancers.

P.S: The list is of no particular order. Each of these libraries has some unique features and icons and can be used per the project requirements

Not only icons but Illustrations also play a huge role in User Interface Designing. There are lots of Illustration Libraries that you can use it for FREE in your projects.
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Font Awesome

Font Awesome is one of the widely used icon libraries on the web. Font Awesome has 7000+ icons. It has 2 plans. Free and Pro. With a free plan, you get 1500+ icons in regular font-weight. You can download icons as SVG or use NPM packages or you can use them as CDN. With the pro plan, you can access all the 7000+ icons which include 3 weights – Light, Regular, and Strong along with duotone and brand icons.

📣 Font Awesome 6 is coming soon with 30,000+ icons with more styles. Check it out

🔗 For more details visit  https://fontawesome.com/

Google Material Design

Material design has about 900+ icons and comes with 5 variants. Materials icons are designed with Google’s Material Design guidelines. All these icons are free for personal and commercial use. These icons can be downloaded as PNG as well as SVG. Also, it can be installed via NPM, Bower, or can be accessed via CDN.

🔗 For more details visit https://material.io/resources/icons/


Flaticon is one of the largest community which claims to have 2,900,000+ icons. Flaticon comes with 2 plans – Free and Premium. The free plan offers few thousands of icons which itself is the biggest collection of free icons. Icons in the free plan can be used for both personal and commercial purposes with proper attribution. With a Premium plan, you can access all of the icons on the platform with unlimited downloads.

These icons can be downloaded as PNG, SVG, EPS, and PSD. As there are lots of icons and more icons are added on a daily basis, Flaticon doesn’t support CDN for your web projects. Instead, you can add icons as collections and can generate as a font face file.

🔗 For more details visit https://www.flaticon.com/


Streamline has about 30,000 icons which are absolutely free. You can download all these icons as PNG for free. The free PNG icons come with different resolutions with the highest resolution of 1024px. Streamline comes with 3 plans – Free, Essential, and Ultimate pack. In Free pack, you can download 30,000+ icons as PNG. In Essential pack you can download 14 essential category of icons which comes in 3 different styles – Light, Regular, and Bold each pack contain 4,000 icons. You can buy them as individual styles or all styles. In Ultimate pack you can download 53 category of icons which comes with 3 styles – Light, Regular, and Bold each pack contain 10,500 icons. Similar to an essential pack you can buy individual styles or all styles as one pack. Both essential and Ultimate packs supports additional file types like .iconjar .sketch .fig .xd .svg .ai .pdf .png

🔗 For more details visit https://streamlineicons.com/

The Noun Project

Noun Project offers over 1 million icons. You can download icons as PNG as well as SVG. Using the free plan you can use the icons with proper attribution. Noun Project offers 3 premium plans – NounPro, NounTeams, NounEducation. With a premium plan, you will be able to download unlimited icons with the customization and the ability to add it to multiple apps online as well as offline.

🔗 For more details visit https://thenounproject.com/


Iconfinder offers over 4,450,000+ icons. Iconfinder has some unique styles like hand-drawn icons and all the icons are organized as categories. There are 60+ categories of icons available on the site. It has an online editor where you can edit those icons online by changing components and colors. It works similarly to Flaticon were few thousands of icons are available to download as free. There are 3 pro plans – Micro, Starter, and Unlimited. Also, there is a pay as you go model.

🔗 For more details visit https://www.iconfinder.com/


Icons8 offers over 130,000+ icons. Icons8 has a free plan where you can download all the icons as PNG. They offer 2 bundled premium plans for Single users and for Teams where you can download all the icons, illustrations, stock photos, and music in all formats. This will be best for startups and single users who are looking for a bundled package at a reasonably low price.

🔗 For more details visit https://icons8.com/


Iconscout offers over 2 million+ royalty-free icons. You can use these icons for free with proper attributions. Iconscout offers two premium plans. One with unlimited free icons and another one as a bundled package with options to download unlimited icons and limited photos and illustrations. Iconscout offers plugin support for Sketch, Adobe Xd, Photoshop, Illustrator, MS Word, PowerPoint, Google Docs, and Sheets.

🔗 For more details visit https://iconscout.com/

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